Nava Be Diné - Baby Moccasins & More!

Nava Be Diné - Baby Moccasins & More! Nava Be Diné - Baby Moccasins & More! Nava Be Diné - Baby Moccasins & More!

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Yá’át’ééh! (Greetings!)


Just a Navajo Girl Tryin' To Make It In The World


Yá’át’ééh shi Dine’é, shi’kéh, dóó táhanołtso (táh-an-nołt-tsó)! Shi’eiya Ani Auld yinishyé. Tó'aheedlíinii nishłį́, dóó Bit’ahnii báshíshchiin. Ta’neeszahnii dashíchei dóó Hashtł’ishnii dashínáłí.

(I hail from Fruitland, NM, registered in the Two Grey Hills Chapter of the Great Navajo Nation, in the Four Corners region.) 

I started making moccasins for my own children & it exploded into people asking me to make some for their children as well.  My specialty is baby moccs, but I also love to weave a bit of Native flair into everyday items.   In my spare time, I help organize for the DC Navajo Cultural Committee: a community of Navajos (and non-Navajo in-laws) who bring Diné Bikeyah to the Nation's Capital! 


Hand Made, Native Made!

Each of my works are made by hand, designs inspired by indigeneity.

Just because something says "out of stock" doesn't mean it's not available, it simply means  you need to ask & let me know what inspires you.  Custom orders are my specialty, so if you have specific colors in mind, all you've gotta do is ask.  


Shoe Sizing

Please measure before ordering.

Size                   Foot Length     Width

Newborn            up to 2.5"         2"

0-6 months        up to 4.5"         up to 2.5"

6-12 months      up to 5"            up to 2.5"

12-18 months    up to 5.25"       up to 2.5"

18-24 months    up to 6"         up to 2.75"

2-3 years           up to 6.5"         up to 3"

3-4 years           up to 7"         up to 3.25"

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Walking between 2 Worlds In Style

Inspired Native, not Native Inspired 

Nava Be Diné

Washington, District of Columbia, United States